Vol. 18 No. 1 (2014): Journal of Nursing Pensar Enfermagem
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“CHAMEM O JOSÉ BERNARDO!” Uma evocação histórica em cinco atos

Ana Maria Barros Pires
Instituto Politécnico de Beja

Published 2014-10-01


  • nursing history,
  • competences,
  • biographies,
  • XX century

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Barros Pires, A. M. (2014). “CHAMEM O JOSÉ BERNARDO!” Uma evocação histórica em cinco atos. Pensar Enfermagem, 18(1), 40–48. https://doi.org/10.56732/pensarenf.v18i1.88


Interest in history take root from the main issue of knowing who we are and where do we came from, which bring us back to relation with memory. Nursing, being a profession with little more than a century, needs that we evoke its memories so that, knowing the past, we can better understand the present. Starting from an incident (the murder of Miguel Bombarda) reported on the newspaper Diário de Notícias on the 4th October 1910, and an appeal made by that physician at the entrance of the hospital S. José, where he died hours later (“call for José Bernardo”!), we will tried to reveal male nurse José Bernardo and the competences
that have been recognized. We will find him over several years, in the same newspaper in the news about several tributes he had received for his work. Newspapers, especially in the beginning of XX century, are a direct reflex of what happens in a country and the analysis of what is written on the news allow us to find the meanings created by language while a central and constitutive feature of social life. As primary source we used the newspaper Diário de Notícias between 1910 and 1925; as methodology discourse analysis and authors such as L. Nunes, C. Nogueira, J. Potter e M. Wetherell.


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