Review Article - Specific Guidelines

Review article structure and recommendations 

Do not include any identifying information about the author(s) in the manuscript. Do not include acknowledgments until the article is accepted.

- Title - written in Portuguese and English

It should be a concise description of the nature and topic of the study, identifying the study and the type of review.

 - Abstract  

Summarizes the key elements of the study in a structured manner: Introduction, Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion. With a maximum limit of 300 words. Abstracts should not include bibliographical references or quotes from participants/documents.

Use the Abstracts Checklist guidelines in Guide 1 - PRISMA 2020, adapted to the type of review.

- Keywords

A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6, mostly validated in browsers of Mesh and DeCs indexing terms. 

- Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion and Conclusion 

For Systematic Literature Reviews use:

Guide 2  PRISMA 2020 Checklist

For other Reviews use the guides indicated in

Submission: The article must be submitted along with the PRISMA checklist that has been used.


Systematic Literature Reviews submissions, including Scoping Reviews, will be accepted only with prior publication of the review protocol (published in a peer review journal) or, with title and protocol registered in an open science platform (PROSPERO, JBI, OSF, or other) to be made accessible to readers by hyperlink.