Vol. 18 No. 2 (2014): Journal of Nursing Pensar Enfermagem
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“Human Warmth”: origin and perpetuation of this value in a reference hospital in São Paulo city, Brazil

Audry Elizabeth dos Santos
Gerente de Enfermagem, Hospital Sírio Libanês, MSc, RN
Maria Cristina Sanna
Professora Afiliada, EPE-UNIFESP Brasil, PhD, RN

Published 2014-12-30


  • History of nursing,
  • health care,
  • hospitals of immigrants,
  • nursing administration,
  • health administration,
  • health care values
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dos Santos, A. E. ., & Sanna, M. C. (2014). “Human Warmth”: origin and perpetuation of this value in a reference hospital in São Paulo city, Brazil . Pensar Enfermagem, 18(2), 89–99. https://doi.org/10.56732/pensarenf.v18i2.98


Introduction: Among several Brazilian hospitals linked to immigrant colonies, the Hospital Sírio Libanês, located in São Paulo, Brazil, became a reference in its field. In 2006, the incorporation of the “human warmth” value to the institution’s mission raised questions about its origin, and this is question is central to this work. Objectives: to describe and analyse the origin and keeping of the moral value “human warmth” in a private, philanthropic and model-reference hospital in São Paulo county, Brazil. Methods: historic and social research, in the form of oral history. The previously mentioned hospital is the focus of this study, and the study encompasses the time period starting from 1960 - when the hospital was opened - until 2006 – when the official statement of the hospital mission was given. Data has been collected in the form of semi-structured interviews with directors, nursing leaders, employees, doctors and patients of the institution. The Ethics Committee of the Hospital Sírio Libanês and of Universidade Federal de São Paulo approved all the procedures. The data analysis will consist of the transcription of the interviews and analysis of their content. A researcher will validate this material and the texts will be categorised for description of the study object, these categories will be subject to validation by another researcher. The findings will be described and interpreted in light of the scientific literature and complemented by a theoretical and philosophical reference of analysis concerning moral value. Results: The interviews have already been conducted and partially analysed, they show a strong indication that the moral value “warmth” has its roots in Syrian
Lebanese culture and that its presence in nursing practice developed over the years in that hospital. Conclusion: the project is on going and has it end provided for May 2016. 


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